Write & Bite

Not your mama's writing workshop

We should write more.

Writing is heart-tapping, brain-creaking work. And I'm pretty sure it slows time. In the best way.

because It makes you mighty.

Writing unfurls the cramped brain. Why is it scrunched in that ball? Because of appointments and transmission issues and the ad you need to run on Craigslist and a cat losing teeth and the shortage of bedding and Aunt Penelope's visit which is just around the (dusty) corner. For starters. 

On the page, these things cease to exist. You're an invincible god here. You can be haughty, flagrant, deathy, beady, persnittious (don't look that up). The editor will chime in. She has her place. But we'll get to her later.


People love to lament the tortured writing life. Don't buy it. What's torturous is wanting to write and not doing it. 

If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.
— Elmore Leonard

you could surprise yourself. 

Some days, getting the pen across the page takes grit. You feel like a chicken scratching—and not even the smartest chicken in the hen house. It's ok to cringe. But keep scratching. Someday you'll re-read it and say, "the birdbrain knows something."

everything has a story. 

You’ll find during our sessions that there are more stories in your life than you realize. Even objects have stories. Yes, your stuff wants to talk to you.

You thought your break up was just about two human beings. But how did your old Florida State t-shirt feel about it? Maybe it’s time you found out.