Write & Bite

Not your mama's writing workshop

We gather, we eat, we write.

Are your creative juices bottled up (and getting a tad funky) until you finally have time for them? 

Write & Bite = that time + a great community

Our weekly gatherings are guided, process-oriented creative powwows that require little to no writing on your own. We gather for two hours per week at a house in Berkeley and—with many helpful nudges—write up a storm together.

Plus, you can expect coffee, tea, wine, snacks or dinner (at our evening session), fabulous discussions and even the occasional field trip. 

writer's block is shaking in her boots  

We'll rediscover the brilliant creators we were born to be by writing together on the fly—with a frisky wind at our backs. That helpful breeze comes in the form of:

  • A weekly theme and writing technique deep-dive
  • Inspiration readings that get the juices crazy-flowing
  • Inventive prompts to unclog your words and spark new thinking
  • Group mind-melding as we share our work

No two gatherings are alike so bring your notebook or laptop and be ready for anything.

It’s better to be a tribal writer, writing for all people and reflecting many voices through us, than to be a cloistered being trying to find one peanut of truth in our own individual mind. Become big and write with the whole world in your arms.
— Natalie Goldberg

WHO should JOIN?

Everyone from experienced writers to the "word curious" to creators in general who are feeling rutted. This is all about breaking out, feeling freer and having fun on the page and with a group. 

If you'd like to be a positive, encouraging part of an active, dynamic writing community, this is for you. You'll also love Write & Bite if you're ready to:

  • Burst your creative logjams in the most delightful way
  • Learn new tools, techniques and approaches to your writing
  • Put those new skills into practice instantly
  • Share your creations and feel more fully expressed in life
  • Reserve an artistic sanctuary in your week

Interested? Applying is a cinch but space is limited due to the living room involved. Start with this button.