Write & Bite

Not your mama's writing workshop

meet a word-loving gal with a comfy living room, ample duraflame logs and a deep understanDing of butter 

Known for sporadic fits that appear as short fiction, children's stories and poetry, Rochelle Torke launched Write & Bite because she wanted to get unclogged, de-stalled and otherwise re-mojo-ed in the writing department herself.

Then she thought, "why do this alone? In fact, why even leave my house when I could conjure something yummy and rally other word lovers to join me?" 


Armed with an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of San Francisco, years of writing groups and workshops—and a brand of might associated with corporate abduction survival—Rochelle designed Write & Bite to unite fellow word-craft lovers.

When she's not creatively crusading or writing, she's cooking or thinking about cooking or trying to farm in her yard. Or she's hanging out with her guy, her kids and two cats with four names each (we're talking highly multi-faceted creatures here)—and running a marketing and copywriting business called RockPaperWord.

the dream behind Write & Bite

Write & Bite will help us table our to do lists once a week and get back to more important things, like conjuring words, writing them down, looking at craft from 43 angles and hanging out with really good people who like to do the same.

Our sessions are mystically irreverent, structured but void of goals and inspired by everything from Julia Cameron and Stephen King to speakeasies and people trapped inside parrots. You'll see.