Write & Bite

Not your mama's writing workshop

Q +A

Is this a writing workshop?





How's it different from a writing class?



Yes, sort of.

Write & Bite is a writing gathering and sometimes-supper-club tailored to busy humans who crave a creative nudge, time to hone their craft and a community to inspire them.

Unlike the classic workshop or writing class, our sessions require little to no effort outside our meetings.

Instead, we'll spend our time tinkering with new techniques, razor-sharpening our skills together and sharing hot-off-the-presses creations with the group.

who will love it?

1. Wordsmiths ready to get freer and hone their craft in a playful, judgment-free writing community.

2. New and seasoned writers alike. 

3. Creatives who'd love to take writing classes but don't have 8 to 10 hours a week to write, attend class and draft classmate critiques. Write & Bite is about on-the-fly writing time, craft chats and tons of story starts.

We accomplish great things, in our creative-block-busting incubator that is also a home in Berkeley.


What do we do at each session?

First, inspiration.

Each session will have a simple theme. It could be visceral language, characterization, unreliable narrators (and why we love them), dialogue with bite, second-person narration and so much more. We'll also kick things off with an inspiration reading to get the fires stoked. Expect prompts, props, role-playing. Expect anything.

Then we write.

For the next hour, we'll grab our muses, dive into our prompts and write feverishly and brilliantly for 10 to 20 minutes at a time.

And eat.

We take a dinner break, with a simple, fresh, real-meal made by your host and fellow writers on a rotating volunteer basis. Yum. Past dinners include cioppino, roasted chicken and chili. Vegetarian and gluten-free are easily accommodated.

And share.

At the end of the session, you're invited to share an excerpt from what you've produced that day. 

And talk shop. 

We won't be giving formal feedback as such but may "reflect back" what we've heard and appreciated in your writing for the day.

Then, at the end, celebrate!

The final gathering of each six-week session is a celebration of what we've started and where our work is headed. Writers share pieces they created during our gatherings or longer pieces from their independent work—whatever feels right. 

You can sing only what you are. You can paint only what you are . . . You must cultivate your own little garden. For better or for worse, you must play your own little instrument in the orchestra of life.
— Dale Carnegie

WHAT about publishing stuff?

It's a great goal. While  our sessions won't deal directly with finding an agent or publishing work, we'll cheer you onward as you take your words to the world. 

yes! I'm ready to get unstuck, meet rad new people and come away with a million new story starts. 


let's get to it

To apply for our next session or simply ask questions, please hit the button below and complete our short form as you see fit.